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What is The Wholesale Challenge?

The Wholesale Challenge is a real estate program created to challenge participants to increase monthly revenue by 10k, with an understudy in defeating crippling fear, overcoming negative self-talk, creating an inspiring and empowering mindset and getting massive results. Each participant is paired up with an accountability partner and has full access to the most up to date and relevant wholesaling knowledge in our private student portal.

Revenue Creation

The first and most obvious objective of Wholesale Challenge is to create a path to a continuous 10k/month revenue stream.


To educate you on the exact way to legally execute a wholesale transaction that produces repeated, duplicable, predictable results.


Your success comes from your attitute and your ability to push through fears, stay focused, disciplined and committed to your desired results.


We'll focus on each step building on the last to attain sustainable, repeatable results and build momentum in your real estate business.

Why Join The Wholesale Challenge?

You're not on your own

Step up to a challenge that produces the exact results you want and have the support, accountability and coaching from one of the nation's most influential Peak Performance coaches.

Top-notch educational material

You're going to learn every aspect of wholesaling real estate from someone that's done hundreds of deals and built real estate programs that have generated millions in revenue.


The number one rule of high achievers is accountability. You will be paired with an accountability partner for daily support as well as given full access to an entire community of entrepeneurs that have all accepted and committed to achieving the Wholesale Challenge.

Overcoming Self-Limitations and Past Performance

Forget the past. The Wholesale Challenge is designed to help you annihilate fear and established new success habits to attract and receive wealth and abundance through real estate.


Lifestyle is created by freedom and freedom is created by money. This program is not about real estate, it's about creating a lifestyle by design THROUGH real estate.

Rock-solid 90 day money back guarantee

Our guarantee is simple. If you complete the entire 3 month program and do not earn back the cost of admission to the program, we'll refund you in full.


The Wholesale Challenge is about giving participants an unfair advantage in any market. This is not like other real estate programs. The wholesale challenge was created for those don't need another crash-course in real estate.

This is about inspiring, motivating and driving results while participating in a competitive challenge. The challenge is not about competing with others. The challenge is competing with yourself to overcome mediocre past performance, personal limitations and to achieve wealth through real estate.

Patrick Precourt
Patrick Precourt

Patrick Precourt has been actively investing in real estate since 2000. His team has completed nearly 1,000 short sales all across the country. In 2008, Patrick partnered to help create a real estate investment education company that has grossed over 75 million in revenue and trained thousands of real estate investors. Most recently, Patrick founded a lifestyle fitness center in Connecticut called The Cage and is the founder the Peak Performance Mastery, one of the fastest growing personal development programs available online.

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Hear what others have to say about Patrick Precourt.

Annie Kallis

Patrick was born to influence others with his leadership and with who he is. He is relentless in his pursuit of making an impact in other people’s lives. He is genuine, honest and authentic and you will never regret working with him as it will be truly transformational!

Annie Kallis

Patrick’s style of keeping things real is refreshing. He doesn’t sugar coat his messaging. That is a testament to who he is. Real. That, in turn, has reminded me to keep things real. Those around me take note of the change. Its just the beginning. Since our first meeting, things in my life have turned around tremendously as I employ a different approach and experience improved results. The inside is beginning to match the outside.

Jolene Wilson
Jolene Wilson
Joe and Michelle Norman

Pat is honest in his opinions, transparent in his actions and speaks truth in everything he does. I have been waiting for Pat to start his own coaching program because I guarantee that anyone who is willing to learn from Pat will have a major change and impact in their life for the best. We are honored to have learned from Pat but most of all we are proud to call Pat our friend.

Joe & Michelle Norman
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of our most commonly asked questions. If you still have a question for us, don't hesitate to email us at support@wholesalechallenge.com.

Wholesale Challenge costs $2500 per participant.
Real estate investment training is WHAT we will be doing, but the HOW will be accomplished first by following a proven investment strategy and secondly, and more importantly, by us becoming bigger and crushing the hangups that have stopped us in the past. The WHY is to recreate success beliefs, patterns and habits that we can repeat the outcomes of and work towards creating a life of our own design, ultimately creating freedom.
No, but you do need a desire to achieve and a commitment to work hard.
Absolutely NOT! This is not easy. It requires hard work, discipline, commitment and a real desire to want to create a better life for yourself. Not everyone is that committed.
Technically speaking, yes. You’re not actually buying the house so you will not need the money to purchase it. HOWEVER, in reality, it is very difficult to repeatedly find motivated sellers and investor buyers without spending money on marketing.
That really has to be answered on an individual basis, but not knowing you, I would generally say NO. The reasons are many but the obvious would be the inability to properly market. This doesn't take A LOT of money, but does take some.
Of course. And even when you make the live trainings we highly recommend you go back through them often so that you fully understand the content.
If the courses are up to date and top notch, then not much on the real estate side. But that's NOT what this is about and not what makes it special. If those courses worked for you, you wouldn't be here now. This is about BECOMING MORE so we can DO more, so we can HAVE more. This is a personal development experience wrapped around a real estate investment opportunity.
Anyone is a broad description but generally speaking, yes. That's not to say it’s for everyone. As a matter of fact, this is only for a few of you. We want individuals who are no longer willing to accept their current results, are willing to work hard, be uncomfortable, be held accountable and take responsibility. This is for individuals who want MORE OUT OF LIFE and are committed, focused, disciplined and driven to get it and who appreciate and understand the empowerment gained by working with someone who has already done and DOES IT EVERY DAY!
With respect, if that is what you're most concerned about, this is definitely not for you. We are looking for people who are committed to succeed, not looking for a way out if they don’t. An ALL IN commitment is what it takes to achieve. Simply trying is not acceptable. With that said, the details of the guarantee can be found just below this section and I certainly recommend everyone at least read through it.
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If you complete the 3 month program and do not earn back your cost of admission, we'll refund you in full. Simple as that. All that we ask is that you've participated and completed the assignments and objectives throughout the program.

Wholesale Challenge Guarantee
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